It’s All About Perspective (Sort of)

On Sunday, because we had to drive to a larger city 2+ hours from our home to get my follicle scan and blood levels drawn, we got up much too early, made sure we had enough gas for the drive, jumped in the car, and headed out.  While both of us were very apprehensive about what the scan would reveal, we were looking forward to doing some errands at stores we don’t have in our small town as well as seeing some family that live there.

When we arrived at the RE’s office, I sort of gaped at the building.  It was so much larger than the tiny office I go to in the city that’s much closer to my home.  This, I realized, was definitely the main office.  We got to the waiting room, where I checked in and then glanced around the waiting room.  There were about five or six other women along with their assorted spouses, friends, and family members.

I mostly spent the short wait ostensibly reading from my Kindle.  In reality, I was trying to unobtrusively glance around the room, amazed at how many people were getting called back for ultrasounds and blood work.  Some of it was just the stunning realization that everyone here was in this office for essentially the same overall problems I was: want baby, body not cooperating.  That’s one of the drawbacks of living in a small town.  We don’t have an infertility support group, so I’d never been in a room full of people that had fertility issues before.

As I’ve said to Arthur on many occasions: the internet is what makes small town living do-able. We’ve been very lucky to have some in real life people to talk to here, but it’s been a life-saver to also utilize the internet to connect to others as well.  Especially during the 2 am freakout moments.

In any case, once we were finished with the appointment, we headed out to Trader Joe’s.  Trader Joe’s is by far one of our favorite places, and with over an hour before we were scheduled to meet up with family, we had plenty of time to browse.  So much so that even after we had walked up and down each aisle a couple of times and checked out, we still had some time left.

In the end, we headed to a store that sold household items.  We wanted some baskets for our shelves and for linens, but hadn’t found any either online or at local stores that fit our specifications.  We were very excited when we found a huge selection of baskets in the store that were on sale.  Picking up the ones we wanted, we went to check out.  That’s when Arthur saw this on the sale table by the check-out lane:


Both of us started cracking up.  While I don’t think I’m a true pessimist per se, it’s undeniable that I tend to refuse to get my hopes up and worry a lot.  I prefer to bill myself as a ‘realist’.  No matter what the case, it’s equally true that Arthur has a far more sunny, optimistic personality than I do and has on occasion teased me a bit about my more *ahem* glass-half-empty outlook.

The sign now sits in a place of honor on my desk.  And darned if it doesn’t make me smile every time I see it.


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