A Response

After reading the Slate article on “26 and Pregnant” by Kate Fridkis, as I expressed in my last post, I was bothered and hot under the collar.

As a general rule, I tend to think of authors that have large blog followings or have published books as out of my league.  At some level, I believe that as successful writers, they have many people clamoring for their attention, and I don’t expect them to pay attention to me.  I was enormously surprised and touched when the wonderful Melissa Ford from Stirrup Queens e-mailed me in response to a comment, and has been lovely and encouraging.

When I read the Kate Fridkis article, I never even considered actually trying to contact her.  I mean, she’s writing for Slate and major online sites like Huffington Post and Salon.  In other words, I’d call her a successful author.  As a result of being so highly irritated, however, after I wrote the blog post, I started searching out some of her other stuff to get a better sense of her.

And then I found an e-mail address for her.

At that moment, I felt bad.  It’s proper etiquette to take up a problem with the individual first, then make it public.  I hadn’t even considered her having an actual, posted e-mail where I could contact her.

So I nervously pieced together an e-mail describing my issues with the piece and hit send.  I was surprised the next morning to discover a response.

It turns out that she hadn’t had much power over the final edit that appeared in Slate and hadn’t realized how the two things had been juxtaposed.  It wasn’t what she had meant, and was sorry that it had upset me.

I am very grateful for her response.  It was gracious of her to take the time to e-mail me back.

At the same time, it’s too bad that the article was edited so the “impressive” and “infertility” were juxtaposed so jarringly.  The paragraph, as edited by Slate definitely gives a certain impression.

Perhaps my next e-mail should be to Slate…


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