Hope Award Nomination


A few Fridays ago, I was in the middle of a writing project.  Back in college, I used to joke that a term paper of ten plus pages begins with checking my e-mail at least 100 times.  Write a word, erase it, check my email, stare at my blank Word document, check my email just in case someone had sent me something vitally important in the, oh, 30 seconds since I’d checked it last.  This process usually went on until either I had the first paragraph written and got into the rhythm of writing the argument or I was running out of time and had to write something.

Let’s just say that on that Friday, I’d hit a wall in the current project and reverted to my usual tactics.

When I opened my e-mail, however, there was indeed a new message.  As I read the subject line, I stared.  Then I blinked.  I got up and walked away from the computer for a moment.  When I came back, the message was still there.  I opened it.  I could barely believe it, but as I read, I knew it was real.

RESOLVE had nominated me for a Hope Award based on a blog post I had submitted during National Infertility Awareness Week in April.

I am completely surprised and thrilled to be nominated by RESOLVE as a finalist for the Hope Award for Best Blog.  I am overwhelmingly humbled that somehow, out of the hundred plus blogs submitted during National Infertility Awareness Week, my essay was nominated for this award.  I read the vast majority of the entries myself, and there are some amazing stories and thoughts contained in that list.

The other finalist entries are fantastic, and I highly encourage you to read their essays.  It’s incredible to be included next to all of them.

There are no words to describe how honored I feel right now.  It’s a privilege and a responsibility to be given a voice for the infertility community on this scale.  And I am thankful for the many, many other voices out there representing other stories, other diagnoses, other experiences.  I personally have found great emotional solace and community by reading your blogs and comments, so thank you.

As well as huge thank you to RESOLVE for the nomination!  I am so grateful that an organization like RESOLVE exists with its many resources for infertile people, their friends and family, and to raise awareness.

The most exciting part of the Hope Award is that all of YOU select the final winner!  Please go to http://www.resolve.org/vote to read all of the finalists and vote.

Thank you for all of your support!


4 thoughts on “Hope Award Nomination

  1. HUGE congratulations! I’m glad I’m not the only one that had to keep returning to the email just to be certain it was real!

    I’m also thrilled to have found this blog through the nomination. Your writing is truly remarkable. From one PCOSer to another, all the best!

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