A Random Piece of Infertility Oddness

When I first started working back into my running routine a couple of weeks post D&C, I noticed one rather strange thing.  Most of my muscles knotted and protested throughout the run, but there were two spots that felt cold and numb – one on each side of my upper rear end.  At first I blamed the freezing weather and my running tights.  Clearly the tights were losing their elasticity and gapping a bit where they met my shirt.  I did the awkward grab-and-pull on the waistband.  My spots continued to feel numb, even though they were now definitely covered.

Hmmm.  Maybe they’d just gotten a little too cold.

Weird body happenings are the norm for me since all the infertility stuff happened and I had bigger issues to occupy my mind.  Besides, it was the first run I’d had in ages.  Probably just my body registering its displeasure at working out again for the first time in nearly three months.  I headed on doing other things for the day and didn’t think about it again for awhile.

The next time it happened, I was curled up with Arthur on the couch, getting all comfortable and edging towards romantic.  He was nicely letting his hand wander into that normally friendly (towards him, anyway) territory that’s just below the waist but not a butt-grab, more just above my hip really.


In a split second, I was perched on the other side of the couch staring balefully at a very confused husband.  Romantic mood gone.

“What just happened?”  Arthur asked finally after he’d recovered from the surprise.  This was definitely the first time I’d ever exhibited this particular behavior in our long relationship.

“I don’t know what just happened, but it was like all of a sudden this electric shock and burning just exploded across that spot.”

I moved back across the couch to try to recapture the mood.  Arthur looked at me questioningly.  As flirtatiously as I could, I started to move his hand back to where it had been and received another uncomfortable jolt.  This time, it wasn’t so unexpected, however, and I just relocated Arthur’s hand to a safe distance above my waist.  We both realized what was going on, however, at the same time:

“The PIO shots!”

Ah, yes, the infamous progesterone-in-oil shots that I’d taken for almost four weeks.  Despite making sure the oil was body temperature before injecting it, massaging the area, being extremely diligent with injection technique, and generally trying to prevent problems, after a couple of weeks my body had rebelled.  I’d wound up with two areas in those upper outer quadrants of my rear end that had palpable knots, bruises, and one spot that had a bright red area forming just over the knot.  I knew the red area wasn’t an infection, but was pretty sure it was a localized reaction from the PIO.

Now, several weeks after being off the PIO, apparently my body was still trying to figure out what the heck had hit it.  A week or two after the couch episode, I noticed that when I got dressed sliding clothing over the spots now initially produced an uncomfortable burning sensation for a couple of minutes.  Then it progressed to an almost constant, mildly annoying ache for several days.

“I think all of my nerves are coming back,” I announced to Arthur finally as the spots started to develop an actual approximation of normal sensation.  “I can feel my butt again!”

“Do you have to have PIO for that frozen cycle we’re planning?”

“Oh, yeah…”


9 thoughts on “A Random Piece of Infertility Oddness

  1. beanie

    I just noticed this same thing a few days ago… and came to the realization that the PIO shots were a pain in the ass then and they continue to be a pain in the ass now!

    1. beanie

      Oh – and of course – I hope you feel better and that maybe, just maaaaaybe, they can do something other than those particularly annoying shots.

  2. You can do Crinone! Ask about it. I have had nerve damage and numbness since September from my last FET with 2x/day PIO, and I think after a while the body just can’t take it anymore. That’s a loooong needle. I was told Crinone is just the same and involves ZERO needles jabbing into your sensitive rear. I hope it goes away soon–I was told it could last up to a year. 😦 The butt-smacks, while usually endearing and playful, are just simply excruciating. I’m so sorry this is happening to you, too, but in a weird way I am comforted that it is happening to someone else! 🙂 May the pain go away and Crinone be an option.

  3. I have to chime in here about the Crinone. There has now been enough research to safely conclude that Crinone does the job! You do not need to torture yourself with PIO. My local RE almost refuses to prescribe PIO anymore because of the nerve damage. You poor thing! That sucks you are going through that. I tried PIO for 3 days, because I’d thought at the time that it would be more reliable than Crinone, but I hit a blood vessel the first try and bled a river, and the next night, my shot made me so sore I had to go to CVS at 4 a.m. to get pain killers and a heating pad. I switched to Crinone promptly.
    In case it is at all helpful, if you go with Crinone here are some instructions RBA gave me:
    1) Get up in the morning and go the bathroom to empty bladder.
    2) Go back to bed and insert 1 applicator.
    3) Lay in bed for 30 minutes before starting your day.
    4) Before going to sleep at night, empty your bladder.
    5) Put applicator in right before sleep.
    *Space out applications as evenly as possible, but don’t stress too much about it if it’s not perfect. I tried to put one in at 10:00 or 10:30 at night and 8:00 in the morning. My levels were fine for Crinone, they said: 6.91. They like to see it above 4.

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