Recently, I purchased a new pair of running shoes. I had a coupon, I’ve been running a fair amount since I find it soothing, and my old shoes were starting to get to that point where they’re still comfortable but reaching the limits. While poking around the online shop, I added a sports bra that was on sale to my purchase as my collection of those is also starting to wear out a bit.

When the package came, I didn’t think much of it, just mostly checked to see if everything was there. A few days later, I was gearing up for a run, realized I had no clean sports bras, and grabbed the new one. It wasn’t until it was washed and hanging up to dry that I noticed it had words written all over the inside.


Now that’s one supportive bra!

I’m still cracking up every time I see it.


4 thoughts on “Supportive

  1. Fantastic! What a great idea. Maybe all clothes should be supportive this way, so when you get dressed in the morning you feel wrapped in encouragements.

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