Microblog Mondays: Of Course, It Will Be Okay


  1. Break out new running shoes.
  2. Go get that pretty, fitted sweater I was admiring on Saturday.
  3. Large caffeinated –

Crumple up the paper and pitch it towards the waste basket where my delusions bounce off and fall to the side. Oh, sure, I’ll survive…but not one item on this list will actually make it okay if my beta is negative on Friday.

A few hours later, I’m carefully smoothing out the wrinkled edges of the paper.

  1. Sushi for lunch.

The fiction must be maintained.

To see the other participants in Microblog Mondays, please go to Stirrup Queens‘ blog.  Thanks to Mel for organizing this.


12 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays: Of Course, It Will Be Okay

  1. Oh good luck. So much good luck.

    (I personally am very fond of very large pieces of chocolate cake at such moments. It doesn’t make it better, but it does make life taste good for a minute or two.)

  2. Whatever it takes to stay stitched together, yes, but also note this key part of the story should the plot turn sadly awry:
    5. Remember that I have frozen blastocysts when the time is right.

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