Microblog Mondays: Feeling like a Grown-Up


There are a number of rites of passage in American culture that people tend to use to signify the onset of adulthood: driver’s license, voting, graduating from high school, reaching the legal drinking age, or graduating from college, just to name a few.

I have a few slightly different ones.  Each one, however, represented a sense of “aha!” where suddenly felt like I could manage adult life and had moved forward in some indefinable way.

– Figuring out how to put together my first dinner for people other than family.

– Filling out my own FAFSA for the first time.

– Managing to do the taxes.

– Dealing with spiders on my own.

– Learning to argue with my health insurance company.

What are yours?

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16 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays: Feeling like a Grown-Up

    • I completely hear you on that one – I’m generally introverted, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve valued a certain amount of privacy more and not sharing close quarters with others…

  1. I was going to say something similar to Persnickety!!! Mine is the fact that I don’t love camping anymore. I prefer to sleep in a bed. With a pillow. 🙂

  2. Really weird one: I knew I had become an adult the first time I drove by a high school and looked at the clothes the kids were wearing and thought “What the hell?!” instead of “Cool, where can I buy that?”

    I have since had similar epiphanies with regard to popular music, TV shows and movies. I just don’t “get” the things that are “cool.”

  3. The first time I ever felt like an adult (and was scared shitless to be an adult) was buying groceries for the first time in graduate school. Paying for all of those first-trip-of-the-year groceries.

    • The stocking-up-the-cupboards trip is truly a rite of passage. Who knew how much flour, sugar, etc, could cost?!

      I’d have to get back to the store the first time I tried to cook after that trip because I’d have forgotten something my mother’s kitchen always had on hand that I hadn’t even thought of…

  4. Good question! For me, it was doing house projects on my first home…painting every room in the house, remodeling the kitchen and installing a brick walk with flower beds. I kept picturing Steve Martin in Father of the Bride…I laid these bricks with my own two hands.

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