Microblog Mondays: The Waiting Game


I once read a story that terrified me.  It wasn’t an overtly scary story per se, but spoke about a young person given a spool of thread that contained the entire span of his life.  He could unroll the spool to “skip ahead”, but could never put the thread back on the spool if he did so.  He, of course, being somewhat impatient, skips ahead at many intervals, and eventually reaches the end of his life far too quickly, realizing that he’s missed almost all of the important parts.

Because isn’t most of life in the details, the mundane, the seemingly unimportant?

It’s hard for me to wait.  Wait for betas, wait for ultrasounds, wait to see if this pregnancy will work out.  I want to pull out the thread and know.  Yet knowing means missing all the small pieces that, in the end, actually come to define my life.


15 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays: The Waiting Game

  1. This is so poignant and beautifully written. It’s tough to sift through all of the details, but they really are important. Also, that IS a terrifying story! How sad to skip so far ahead!

  2. I really love this. My pregnancies were so ridden with anxiety that I wanted to speed through them. But you’re so right that the small moments come to define us–even when they are difficult.

  3. I needed to hear this and ponder this today. I’m feeling frustrated with the waiting game so this was well timed. My post was on a similar topic this week. 🙂

  4. That is a scary story because who know how many people would have the willpower not to hop ahead, especially during times of enormous stress.

    May you get the sweetness of the moments in addition to the tension in these next 9 months.

  5. I really love this. Because I agree with it. I wouldn’t skip over my really difficult years, my losses and my pain. Because I’d be different, and would have missed out on learning so much.

  6. Yes, waiting is so hard. It seems like when you look back, you can see moments of blessing in the waiting. But it’s so so hard to see in the moment. I hate waiting. All the best to you while you wait!

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