We Have A Heartbeat

Yesterday, Arthur and I headed out to the RE’s office for the first ultrasound. It was decidedly a mixed set of emotions as we did so. On one hand, we were very excited at the idea that we might get our first glimpse of the baby. On the other, the ultrasound room has not always held good news for us. We both definitely felt nervous and apprehensive as well.

The office was running a little behind when we arrived. The nurse escorted me back to get my vital signs, and then we waited. Those last five or ten minutes were worse than almost all the other waiting preceding it. We sat in the small room, watching the door.

Finally, we were in the ultrasound room, and with a knot in my throat, I sat down on the ultrasound table with my feet in the stirrups. Dr. E and the ultrasound tech came in, and the scan started.

Almost immediately, I saw the gestational sac, and was pretty certain I glimpsed something inside it. I looked over the screen closely. There was one gestational sac, no second sac in sight. Dr. E had the tech get closer to the gestational sac, and then we saw it. There was a tiny, pulsing light on the screen, so small it seemed almost unbelievable. The heartbeat was clear as anything we had seen.

The tech wasn’t certain the machine would be able to pick up the sound as early as we were in the pregnancy (6w4d), but had me take a deep breath and hold it. She turned on the sound, and then, all of a sudden, there it was – an audible, beautiful heartbeat. Dr. E measured the rate. It was 121 beats per minute.

Baby measures 6w1d on the ultrasound, but Dr. E assured us that since we are measuring such tiny distances, three days was well within the margin of error for the ultrasound.

We are very, very hopeful and continue to pray for this pregnancy to become our take-home baby.

My next appointment is in four weeks. This is mostly due to scheduling, but also because there is a part of me that wants to get past the point where I miscarried the first time. Dr. E told me that if I had any issues whatsoever or if I was worried, I could call the office and they’d get me in for a check. So now, we wait.


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