She’s Here!

Announcing the birth of our beautiful daughter!

2 pounds, 8 ounces

13 inches long

March 15, 2015 at 9:13 in the morning

Everyone doing well so far – baby has not needed a ventilator, has good lung tissue (especially with the PPROM and oligohydramnios) and is being cared for in NICU.  It will be a long road, but she is surprising everyone with her feisty personality :).

THANK YOU for all  your thoughts and prayers and well wishes throughout – I wish there were some way to really express how much these mean to us!

Looking forward to sharing the story of her arrival!


24 thoughts on “She’s Here!

  1. You are amazing!!!!! I actually just shed a few little joyful tears reading this!!
    Sending you the most heartfelt congratulations. The love that is about to enter your life is indescribable. The journey is only just beginning. Be gentle with yourselves during these early weeks xxxx

  2. Congratulations! So glad you have your little miracle bundle of joy safely in your arms 🙂 I have been sending positive thoughts your way and sending more now! All the best :))

  3. This is the best news of the week ! Heartfelt congratulations ! ob well done Katherine. Welcome to the little warrior wishing her a long and healthy life.

  4. Congratulations! Such beautiful news!!! And *no* vent–that is really wonderful and impressive. Words fail to express how happy and grateful I am to hear this.

    My ultrasound guy once described weeks 24-28 as “the deep sea” part of pregnancy–basically, if pregnancy is a transatlantic flight, then those are the weeks when there is no good place to land. In the long, exhausting days to come, remember that you managed to defy all the odds and bring your girl safely to land.

    All the very, very best to you and Arthur and your feisty baby girl!

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