The Quiet Anniversary


A couple of weeks after Arthur and I got married, in the let-down phase after all the excitement of the wedding, I wondered what we would be like in 10 years. It seemed like an impossibly long time for a 22 year old, almost half my life to that point. Reality was already seeping in. We had no jobs, the barest minimum catastrophic coverage health insurance, almost no money, brand-new college degrees and had no clue how to make this work.

One small step at a time, we built our lives together. Moving into our first apartment, taking jobs to pay the bills, buying our first furniture, figuring out how to run a household, fighting over who was hogging the covers. The long walks, the sweet moments of watching the sun set over the lake or going wine tasting at vineyards an hour or two away. Going to Europe, my graduation from nursing school. The dark times, losing hard fought-for pregnancies, enduring round after round of tests, staring at the bank book getting ready for the next cycle or after lost jobs.

He is the man who held my hand at my least lovely, through eight long weeks in the hospital, who steadfastly refused to let go.

More than our actual ten year anniversary on June 25, this unsung anniversary of doubt is when I know we have accomplished something special.


Wedding – yep, those are limes in my bouquet!


The most current (decent looking) photo I have of us

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9 thoughts on “The Quiet Anniversary

  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary! You have been through so much together, and you’re still smiling. Enjoy looking back on all the times, hard and joyous, that have brought you here!

  2. I love seeing the two of you!

    It is beautiful to mark that anniversary after the anniversary. I’m glad you took that moment to look around, wonder, and that you got your answer ten years down the road.

    • Thanks – it’s not something I really considered I’d come back to when I was thinking about it at the time, but it’s sort of amazing to look back at that moment and realize that I did get an answer…

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