A Wonderfully Geeky Valentine’s Day

I like both posts I messed around with today.  So I’m keeping them both, and double posting 🙂 – sorry for any confusion. 

Arthur and I have been trying to learn our new city. From the best routes to go from point A to point B to where to get groceries to finding a favorite latte, we’ve gradually begun to find the places that make it home.

On the list was a sweet shop several people had recommended to us but we hadn’t had a chance to try. For a Valentine’s Day treat, we decided to go and check it out.

The specialty of the shop? “Geek” sweets. They make all kinds of superhero, Star Wars, and Harry Potter confections, including chocolate frogs (that alas, don’t seem to jump), a truffle Darth Vader, and “zombie brains” (a green-tinted white chocolate shell with cherry cobbler filling). They also have a rotating menu of deserts they prepare in house and that can be enjoyed with drinks such as butterbeer or pumpkin juice.

This, of course, was right up our alley. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and am fluent in Star Wars. We came home with the aforementioned zombie brains, a TARDIS, and two versions of the Millenium Falcon (smuggling peanuts with maple cream in one, nutella and bacon in the other). Quite a fun Valentine’s Day outing, and we look forward to one of these days going for one of their in-house deserts.


No Lord of the Rings sweets, though. Perhaps one of these days they’ll make lembas. Hey, a geek can dream!


3 thoughts on “A Wonderfully Geeky Valentine’s Day

  1. I want to go there!

    I made lembas for Purim one year when our mishloach manot theme was Lord of the Rings. It was a leaf-shaped butter cookie with caramel and chocolate. We wrapped them in wax paper and then inside green paper. Because we are just that nerdy.

    We always have a theme. Last year was Doctor Who. The kids usually pick the theme so it’s all over the board from their favourite show at the moment to London (because we had just been there on holiday) to the election the first time Obama was elected because they loved voting. Star Wars aaaaaaaalmost won this year, but we ultimately decided to head off in another direction. A cliffhanger! You’ll have to wait a month until Purim to see our mishloach theme.

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