Preserving A Space


Over the last few months, I’ve played around with the idea of printing out my blog as an actual, physical book.  Not to work up for publication or for any sort of distribution, but because, well, it’s my life.  Certainly edited and condensed in some respects – many posts have ended in my drafts folder, countless sentences and paragraphs pruned, life outside of infertility often left undocumented – but definitely truthful and an accurate chronicle of the last several years.

It’s funny how the internet is at once permanent and constantly shifting, blogs and platforms and media appearing and disappearing at breakneck speed.  I went back recently to find a post that I loved from a blog, only to find the blog and post gone.  While I have no plans to move out of this space right now, I know I don’t want to lose the entries if one day the terms of service with the hosting or the platform itself changes or for any other reason.  Printing them out in a tangible medium feels somehow more permanent to me, more real.

In the end, it’s a big part of my story.  It’s the space where a lot of moments live that in real life are long gone.

So, my question to all of you is this: have any of you printed out your blog?  What service did you use?  How expensive?  How much difficulty or ease?  Any advice or stories to share?

This post is a part of Microblog Mondays.  If you want to get in on the action or read more, please head over to Stirrup Queens.  Thanks to Mel for originating and hosting.


13 thoughts on “Preserving A Space

  1. I’ll be checking back to see what others say (at this moment there are no comments visible). I haven’t really thought about blog-to-book, but maybe I should.

    And you’re spot on with this: “the internet is at once permanent and constantly shifting.”

  2. I have transferred a blog to a book, on Blurb Booksmart – I looked at blog2print, but it didn’t fill my needs. It was a specific travel blog, so I wanted to be able to use photos as well as text, which is why the Blurb one seemed best. Linking to my blog and transferring it across was pretty easy, and then it was simply a matter of formatting. I haven’t printed it yet though, so can’t vouch for the quality or the price! Though I’m going to do that soon.

  3. What a fantastic idea; I am sure your story will serve many others too.

    I’ll keep checking back to hear more experiences of others.

    I work with women in all stages of womanhood and, recently have lots of women having fertility issues, many of which are trying to see if not having children is an option for them.

  4. I’ve looked at having my blog printed as a blog too. Many to have a physical copy to share with family in the future, but also something physical to flip through. So much has happened over the past 5 years. None of it I want to forget and the physical copy is a way of having those memories at my finger tips.

    Like you, there are blog posts I treasured that no longer exist. It’s sad in its own way. Though the story and information touched me, there’s no way to pull it up. Makes me wish the author knew so at least it could find it’s way back to the internet.

  5. I’ve looked into this, too. Or, at least, turning it into a PDF so it could be read from the beginning to the end, vs. as it is now, with the most recent post at the top. It’s hard to read a blog from the beginning.

  6. I’ve thought about doing that too. I’ve heard of blog2print and just checked out Blurb Booksmart. I am so not computer savvy, so it looks intimidating. Even if it was just a PDF like Mel said, though having the comments and photos would be appreciated.

    1. Actually I just looked on the blog2print page. Apparently for $8.95 you can do this:
      Digital File Format: the digital file format is provided to you as a PDF. With your purchase, you’ll receive a download of your completed book. The file is yours to read, print, and save on your computer for reference whenever you like.

      I chatted with a rep and pictures and comments are included. It looks like the printed books, but it’s just in PDF format and then I would think you could take it to a print shop. It’s something I am going to look into when my daughter turns a year and then I can print it all off, but don’t have to go broke doing it. 😉

  7. I looked into Blog2Print myself for the same reasons, and I just haven’t done it yet. Mostly because I need to speak to someone in customer service because I want to split it into at least three books — our IVF journey up until donor, our donor journeys, and then from when we started our adoption journey. It seems hard to do that otherwise, in part because of page count limitations (it’s amazing to realize just how many pages of text are in a blog written over years). You can totally have pictures on the Blog2Print website’s options, not sure about comments (I haven’t gone back in a while). I think it’s a great thing to do for yourself, to capture your story and where you were throughout. I feel like I need to do this with my pictures, too — make more photo books because everything is so ephemeral in its digital form. I want to be able to hold these things. I will have to check out the Blurb option too. I love the idea of having it printed so that you can preserve your space, for you and your family.

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