Battling the Brush


Over the holiday, we decided to tackle the enormous shrubbery that had eaten our front window.  My parents were out visiting, which meant we had their knowledge/expertise as well as access to their more extensive tool kit.

2019-07-04 09.26.48

It turned out to be a lot more work than I had imagined.  While the actual cutting down of the branches was fairly fast, wrestling the roots and stump out was difficult.  When we got it down enough, we actually found the tag with information about the plant tied near the bottom branches.  Turns out that it was a form of viburnum that often grows to be about ten feet.  No wonder it grew so fast!  “Not a plant to put in front of a window,” my mother commented.

My mother took over the careful pruning of the other viburnum that had grown out of control.  It will, most likely, need to be cut down further in the fall once the leaves are off.  However, it needs enough leaves left now to stay alive.

2019-07-04 12.43.22

I got to use the electric hedge trimmers (fun) to shape our shaggy boxwood and yew bushes.


We also tackled the overgrown honeysuckle bushes in the back yard enough to free our electric box that was growing into the tangle.  The honeysuckles still need a fair number of dead/old branches cut out and then some height cut down in the fall when the leaves fall off.  We also need to start thinking about what we want in the front bed so we can start planting either in the fall (bulbs) or the spring next year.

Though there’s more work necessary, it’s wonderful to have this much done.  I’m already enjoying more sunlight in our front room!

If you want more Microblog Mondays posts, head over to Stirrup Queens!  Thanks to Mel for originating and hosting.

5 thoughts on “Battling the Brush

  1. Emma

    It’s amazing how often people fail to do basic due diligence before planting something. The information is usually on the tag – size, shape, whether it likes lots of sun or shade… but people somehow think it doesn’t apply to their cute little plant. Like buying a puppy I guess. One day it will be a full grown dog. The least you can do is make sure it’s going to be the dog you want. 🙂

    1. Oh, so true! I think the previous owner probably threw it in there when they went to sell the house to make it look a little nicer at the time and probably didn’t look too closely. When we’re ready to replant, I’m definitely going to do my research – getting that thing out was such a battle that I definitely don’t want to do it again!

  2. Jerika Turner

    WOW! you guys got a lot done! last year we decided to get rid of a couple of bushes that had been there for over 2 decades when we moved into our house. it took us over 5 hours to get it all done and we had to tie a chain to my husband’s truck to get the stumps out. It is amazing that the bush covered the whole window!

  3. Wow, you are taking names and kicking butt with your yard! That’s hard work. The electric heater trimmers do sound like fun, tempting to go all Edward Scissorhands on those boxwoods! I’m glad you freed up the window for sunshine. Good pruning works miracles! This is what I love about gardening… Hard work pays off with visible results almost immediately.

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