The Birds in the Backyard

Having lived in this general region for the majority of my life, I tend to think I’m fairly familiar with most of the wildlife.  When we lived next to a lake, I used to watch for the swans when I’d go out for runs.  I often saw squirrels (we had black squirrels along with the more common red/grey ones) or geese.  Once I got to see several bald eagles in the trees.  I’ve seen owls and deer and fawns.

On Saturday, I had just gotten home from work and was a bit surprised to find the girls staring out the window.  They had gotten a couple of birdseed feeders in the shapes of bells for Christmas and Arthur had helped to string one up in the tree a week or two earlier.  I hadn’t seen many birds and wondered if we just had the wrong mix of seeds.

That day, however, there were a whole bunch of birds pecking around the bell and tree.  A gorgeous ladder-back woodpecker with a bright red head scuttled up and down the branches.  There was a cardinal and chickadees and a sparrow or two.  There was also another bird I couldn’t identify.  It looked grayish but had an orange breast and was too small to be a robin.

A couple of the grayish/orange birds flew into the tree and all of a sudden, with the angle change, I knew what they were.  “Those are bluebirds!” I exclaimed.

I had no idea that any lived in our area.  I’ve seen pictures (including the famous “grumpy bluebird” one) but I’d never actually seen one in real life.  My MIL later identified them as Eastern Bluebirds.

Terrible pictures, but there they are!

Really rather fun to get to see them and probably going to have to figure out what food to put out there for them as it’s quite cold right now.  I’m hoping they’ll come back sometime!

3 thoughts on “The Birds in the Backyard

  1. Oooh! I love bluebirds. I’ve never seen one in the winter before, and I’d rarely seen one before we moved to our new more country-ish home. They are EVERYWHERE all summer — especially on the wires. But they seem to leave when it gets cold. Enjoy your taste of Summer in the backyard!

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