Variety Is The Spice Of Life


It’s weird how time passes – the minutes or hours often seem long, but then suddenly, I’m in the middle of a new week or a new month.  What I’ve been doing with those minutes and hours is a mishmash:

  • Finished painting the basement. I have cream paint down the stairwell and along one long wall, then a sea-glass green to the other three walls (Benjamin Moore Windswept and Robin’s Nest if you’re curious).  It feels much lighter and airier than the blue-gray color that was there before and while I was a little worried – as always – that I wouldn’t like the colors, I love them.  I had wondered if my “anti-accent” wall would be too much (and thus should paint the whole basement in the sea-glass) or if the three colored walls would feel oppressive (and thus should paint everything cream) but the balance turned out nicely.
  • Now we’re on to the basement steps, which involves sanding the rough lumber that’s there. I’m pretty sure these were originally carpet-covered, but for some reason the carpet was removed and a dark blue paint slapped down. Not great looking and, because I have some sensory issues, I hated the texture on my feet.  The trick now is to sand enough to make them feel decent underfoot but not so much that the paint doesn’t stick.  We bought stair paint in the same cream and sea-glass green as the rest of the basement.  The steps themselves will get the cream, while the risers will be sea-glass.  Then we’ll throw some thin microfiber treads on the main part of the steps.  Hopefully it will look good (at least better) once it’s done.
  • I read Ariel Levy’s memoir The Rules Do Not Apply and Sarah DeGregorio’s Early: An Intimate History of Premature Birth and What it Teaches Us About Being Human. Both made me tear up for different reasons, both were excellent, and I’m hoping to delve into these with a more in-depth review here soon! (Content note – Levy’s memoir involves a stillbirth and DeGregorio’s also delves into neonatal loss.)
  • Started the paperwork to register E for kindergarten. This is awesome and honestly, pretty emotional.  Kindergarten was the thing I used to hang onto in the hospital and the NICU and as we went to specialist appointments and PT/OT/ST sessions, as in “someday, she’s going to be in kindergarten, we are going to make it…somehow”.  I’d picture her getting ready for her first day, beyond the terror that a simple cold would kill her, beyond the bradycardia episodes, and the monitors.  I really cannot believe we’re now so close.
  • Managed to finish a project for work on condensing some “good points” from continuing education course I did for the rest of my unit. It’s not a huge thing, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.
  • Confessed to my choir director some long-term and (to me) embarrassing deficiencies in my music reading abilities. He was totally non-judgmental and basically told me that if we don’t admit what we don’t know, we never learn.  I’ve been meeting with him to remedy those and I’m excited because I’m actually learning how to do some of these things now!
  • Because we bit the bullet and went for the Dis.ney+ subscription service, Arthur and I decided to start watching the Marvel/Avengers movies as it feels like a lot of people talk about these. Have now seen “Captain America”.

What are you up to these days?

This post is a part of Microblog Mondays.  If you want to read more or participate yourself, head on over to Stirrup Queens!  Thanks to Mel for originating and hosting.  

6 thoughts on “Variety Is The Spice Of Life

  1. Emma

    That all sounds lovely 🙂 My IVF twins are 3.5. I never wanted any others. They are not toilet trained yet, which is a source of embarrasment for me, but they walked very late too. My marriage didn’t survive infertility and twins, so we are in the process of separating now. It’s cooperative and will leave us both in a better place in the end. I landed my dream job working for the parliament some years ago, so work is a big part of my life, and I am studying again (constitutional law). I have followed your blog for ages and it’s a regular source of joy for me to read. I also share your posts with my mum.

    1. Toilet training is tough – the older one for us didn’t train until quite a bit later, so I hear you on that. Hugs for the separation – I hope things go as well as possible on that front for you. Congratulations on the dream job and good luck with your studies! That sounds really wonderful.

  2. So much great stuff here! Wow, kindergarten. Time just marches on, doesn’t it?

    I got Disney + for Christmas, mostly for The Mandalorian and Jeff Goldblum. Mmmm. I have holes in my Marvel movies too, so that’s fun.

    I think your basement sounds amazing! Those colors sound so fresh and soothing. I would love to see pictures!

    Ah, Ariel Levy’s book is one of my all time favorites.

    And this: “if we don’t admit what we don’t know, we never learn.” I’m going to use that in my classroom. So true!

  3. I’ve also been working on some projects around the house- trying to go room by room de-cluttering and figuring out how best to maximize the storage space. It must be a great feeling that E. is going to be ready for Kindergarten soon and that she’s doing so well!

  4. Angel

    I just finished Ariel Levy’s book and had to come here to post. What a totally sad story and as a person who had a 32 week baby, I kept screaming in my head, “don’t go on that trip!”.
    DeGregorio’s book is on order. Thank you for both your recommendations…hard as it is to read them.
    My son finally potty trained at 4 years old. FYI. 🙂

  5. Loved Ariel Levy’s book, and I will have to look for the other one. Because of my pg loss support group, I know lots of parents of preemies — some had happy endings, others, sadly did not. Loved hearing about your decorating adventures, and can’t believe you will soon have a kindergartener!

    Don’t have Disney + (our lone subscription, Netflix, barely gets used). I haven’t seen all the spinoff character movies, but have seen all the core “Avengers” movies. I think I’ve seen all or most of the Captain America ones, though.

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