My TTC/Infertility Timeline

April 2012 – Tossed out the birth control.

July 2012 – Realize something is very, very wrong as cycles are all messed up and irregular, so I go to see my usual OB/GYN, Dr. A (In The Beginning).

Late July/early August 2012 – Get first and only faintly positive pregnancy test (The Pregnancy That Wasn’t).  I still don’t have any idea what really happened here.

September 2012 – Get one positive ovulation test on cycle day 21, but period starts by day 26.  I know this isn’t right and call my doctor’s office.  Dr. A and staff refer me to Dr. B, an OB/GYN in the practice who works with infertility testing.

October 2012 – Meet Dr. B and undergo lots of tests.  I get the results three days before my 30th birthday: PCOS (A Diagnosis)

November 2012 – Cycle with 50 mg Clomid completely fails as I manage to get a total of two 6 mm follicles and my uterine lining a sad 4 mm on day 15 of the cycle.

December 2012 – Due to very thin uterine lining with Clomid, Dr. B starts me on Femara at 2.5 mg.  This leads to a single follicle of 12 mm on cycle day 14, and uterine lining is still only 6 mm.  Dr. B gives me the news that it’s time to see an RE (Infertility versus “Infertility Lite”)

January 2013 – Dr. B agrees to do one more cycle with Femara at 5 mg.  Neither of us are very hopeful, but I want to feel like I’ve exhausted that option before moving on to more complicated injectable fertility medications.  I call the RE’s office and get an appointment for early March, because I don’t feel I can deal with it before then.

February 2013 – I go in for an HSG to make sure my tubes aren’t blocked.  The first HSG is a nightmare due to unresolved emotional issues that spawn a panic attack (HSG, Take 1).  The second one is much better and shows tubes are open (HSG, Take 2).

March 2013 – Meet with Dr. D, the RE, and begin Follistim.

April 2013 – Cycle #1 with Follistim gets me to ovulate, but no pregnancy.  Also, during my baseline ultrasound to prepare to start cycle #2 with Follistim, there are 2 large cysts on my left ovary (A Single Note in a Symphony of Sorrowful Songs).  I also cross into “official” infertility as it marks one year of trying to conceive (Your Official Membership Materials Have Arrived).

May 2013 – Cycle #2 with Follistim and my ovaries go nuts with 10 immature follicles 10 mm or more at first check.  RE tries to get only 2-3 mature follicles to come forth by adjusting medication doses, but no dice.  Follicles grow, then start shrinking.  Cycle cancelled (Irascible – At Least In My Head).

June 2013 – Cycle #3 with Follistim and Femara results in a cancelled cycle due to lack of response (Using My Words Right Now Would Be a Bad Idea – They’re All Unhappy).

July 2013 – Cycle #4 with Follistim, Femara, and IUI.  My ovaries produce a satisfactory response, but no baby (A Few Good Follicles, Numb(ers)).

August/September 2013 – Decide it’s time to move on to IVF with ICSI (The Decision).

October/November 2013 – Do an antagonist protocol stimulation with Menopur, Follistim, and Ganirelix.  This results in 15 eggs being harvested, 11 mature, 5 fertilize (I Hope 5 Is My Lucky Number).  Two embryos make it to 7 and 8 cells by day 3 and are transferred, while two more are 6 cells and frozen (PUPO).

November/December 2013 – First beta surprise: 30.  Second beta 73.  Third beta 1452.  We’re pregnant, confirmed by a single fetus and strong heartbeat plus a second gestational sac that’s a blighted ovum on ultrasound at both 7 and 8 week ultrasounds, released to OB (Nobody More Surprised Than Me).

December 2013 – Get odd feeling something is wrong during week 9.  Call RE’s office even though I’ve officially been discharged.  Heartbroken to find out that I’ve miscarried (Gone).  Opt for a D and C to complete miscarriage (Sorting Through The Pieces).

January 2014 – Consult with a new RE (New Year, New RE).  Saline sonogram shows no scar tissue from D and C (Aftershocks).

March 2014 – Lupron protocol for FET, transfer the single embryo that made it through thawing (Lupron, Emotions, and a Transfer).

April 2014 – Pregnant, but bleeding and low beta (Seriously?!, Waiting Again).  After several weeks pregnancy determined to be most likely ectopic but miscarrying on its own (Walking in Darkness).

May/June 2014 – Debate seriously whether or not we’re up for more IVF and the potential disappointment and pain or not (Counting the Cost).  Meeting with Dr. E to figure out where to go from here (Follow Up Appointment).

August/September 2014 – Decide to go ahead with second fresh IVF cycle.  Meet with Dr. E to figure out protocol (Gearing Up).  Work on finding balance necessary to get through another cycle (Learning to Stand).  Egg retrieval in Sept. 2014 nets us 32 eggs total, 22 of which are mature, 18 of which fertilize with ICSI (Egg Retrieval and Sundries).  2 cavitating morulas transferred on day 5, 2 blastocysts frozen day 6 (The Transfer).

September 2014 – 10dp5dt beta 63.4.  Second beta 12dp5dt 204.  Third beta 15dp5dt 797 (Beta Results #1 and #2).

October 2014 – Single gestational sac on ultrasound, baby measuring 4.1 mm, heartbeat of 121 (We Have A Heartbeat).

November 2014 – Craziness ensues.  I start bleeding and Arthur loses his job (A Long Week).  Diagnosed with a subchorionic hemorrhage (SCH).  I continue to experience bleeding but the pregnancy continues (Bed Rest, ER Visit Take 2).

December 2014 – Early January 2015 – Back and forth to doctor’s offices, ER, and bouts of modified bed rest.  The SCH gets bigger, then finally on New Year’s Day 2015, I start losing the clots.  The SCH shrinks considerably.  We breathe a sigh of relief.

January 23, 2015 – Complete rupture of my amniotic sac (PPROM) at 21 weeks, probably due to all the bleeding weakening the membranes.  We are not to the point of viability.  Told I will go into labor within 48 hours to one week and the baby will not survive (You Don’t).

February 2015 – I don’t go into labor, much to everyone’s astonishment.  In what can only be billed as a total surprise miracle, the baby continues to grow and have a heartbeat.  We reach viability at 24 weeks on Feb. 12.

March 2015 – after 7.5 weeks of hospital bed rest, our daughter E is born via c-section at 28 weeks 4 days.

March 2016 – not expecting anything, but ditch the birth control again while considering when to do an FET and saving up.  New regimen of metfor.min + supplements to hold PCOS in check and getting some positive OPKs.

July 2016 – Positive pregnancy test.  Over the moon excited.  Panic.  Get betas checked, and they are enormous and doubling beautifully.

August 2016 – Bleeding.  Ultrasound shows embryo measuring on track with lovely heartbeat but another small SCH.

September 2016 – SCH cleared up.  Much relief.

March 2017 – Daughter M born at 39 weeks 1 day gestation through planned c-section.  Healthy all around.

Fall 2017 – Meet with RE (Dr. E).  Decide to have 2 remaining embryos unfrozen, biopsied, genetically tested, and refrozen.  Choose to leave sex of embryos off report.  Embryos thawed successfully, biopsied, refrozen.  One embryo genetically normal and kept, the other grossly abnormal.

June 2019 – Saline-infusion sonogram (SIS) shows no abnormal scar tissue and good to go.  Planned transfer in September or October.

October 2019 – Start final FET with genetically normal PGS tested embryo.  Have massive allergic reaction/facial swelling to progesterone in oil that lands me in the emergency room.  Embryo transferred 10/23/19.

November 2019 – Beta HcG/pregnancy test negative.  Husband done with TTC.  I have far more mixed feelings.  Working on moving forward into this new phase of life post-fertility treatments/TTC/pregnancy.

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